Montessori, the science behind the genius – choice and perceived control

Busy reading Montessori, Science behind the genius – and I’m just awed by how much I respect this philosophy. And I just have to remember a few things:It’s unbelievable how the perception of a child and the control they have, influences their learning so much.If a child feels like they have control, where they set their own deadlines, or are given a choice of a few activities – this keeps them feeling like they are in control – which means they can focus their attention.

The choice of work, comes down to the prepared environment.  Six items are the max number in a choice, after that it creates too much confusion.  Them being able to choose their work, helps them feel they are in control, which increases their willingness to do the work.


Handwriting – what to do???

I’m starting so slowly this year.  Having researched and finally completed my combination of handwriting without tears and cursive worksheets – I’m struggling that Izaac is just not showing interest – almost retaliating.

Reflections – maybe I should just sit and do my work, along with metal inset work to start off our morning.  Instead of expecting Izaac to show and them him do the work, I think he is more of a follower.  The hint I got from Mr Demi of MUS – just show the work, don’t expect them to do.  Ask if he’d like to try, don’t expect him to do.  I so need to remember this.  Izaac might just be a watcher.

Finally a blog

Homeschooling memories of 2011

I’ve been thinking and thinking so for a while about blogging.  Today in homeschool, Izaac and I played the sounds hide and seek game, that we played so often before, but now with phonograms, that I remembered last year we actually did have many good moments in our homeschooling journey.

I’ve struggled to start this year, because of so many thoughts;-

– should I do full Montessori,
– should I have shelf work, or selected work on the table,
– should I do nature walks, more Charlotte Mason
– will I find the right path that matches and respects what my son will love to do.

Just stuck in a place of should-I’s, not wanting to repeat what felt like failure after failure last year.  Having expectations of what I thought would work, but didn’t.  There actually was lovely times and now I want to actively remember the good and the bad.  Be an honest blogger – as the journey of homeschooling can be so rewarding – I so love what I am doing – but it can be so hard too.  Hard in the sense of could they be doing better at a normal school, am I giving them the best option.  But Maria Montessori said to follow your child.  So I ask my son if he wants to be at home and for now, he says yes.  And this blog is called, DreambeforeYou – because God blessed me with opening my dreams before Him, laying them at His feet, when at the age of 32 the path of family I thought I had, crumbled and God had to rebuild from scratch.  The song, by Kate Miner, ‘DreambeforeYou’ was what I trusted in, for my dreams of a family, a loving, kind husband.  And he planted the seed of homeschooling in my heart and the marry the right man.  I just didn’t have the confidence to make that choice at first with my son, and maybe in the future it will change – but for now, this is me living my life, continually with my dreams before my Maker.