Handwriting – what to do???

I’m starting so slowly this year.  Having researched and finally completed my combination of handwriting without tears and cursive worksheets – I’m struggling that Izaac is just not showing interest – almost retaliating.

Reflections – maybe I should just sit and do my work, along with metal inset work to start off our morning.  Instead of expecting Izaac to show and them him do the work, I think he is more of a follower.  The hint I got from Mr Demi of MUS – just show the work, don’t expect them to do.  Ask if he’d like to try, don’t expect him to do.  I so need to remember this.  Izaac might just be a watcher.


3 thoughts on “Handwriting – what to do???

  1. hi Tracy just found your blog thanks to montessori tidbits .are you using new american font for your worksheets ?? did you buy the software and would you recommend it ??


    1. Hi Viv, yes I use the New American Cursive. It’s a lovely cursive – but has it’s difficulties. The book looks like it has little prompts for each letter. It doesn’t – only for the A letter. Also, you can’t get the font for using in other applications, like Word. You can only use it in Startwrite programme!!!! Very frustrating. So I use Startwrite to make my words, then save it to pdf, then make a screen shot image in pdf, then into my imaging software. I use paint.Net. So I made all my own little prompts, using Handwriting without Tears as a guide. It works fantastic for Izaac. He will always say, ‘magic c, then up like a helicopter’ or whatever the prompt if for making a letter. Hope this helps.


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