Constructive triangles – a revisit

Constructive triangles
Busy constructing.

Sometimes I’m really surprised at the need for repeating old work.  We needed to rush off somewhere and a few minutes left of work, so I asked Izaac to look for work to do.

Out he pulled the triangle boxes – a first in over a year!  He worked on these for half an hour, just enjoying trying to make a design with them all.  I stopped rushing!

It got me thinking, ‘need to find a way to mark each one, so that he knows which boxes to put them back in.’.  I only had little dots at the back for myself, which is not clear enough for children.

From my last post about the Montessori Album, I noticed children had free range to explore with all large manipulatives – why not the small ones too.  Or one often sees the knobless cylinders being worked on together.  It’s the first time I’ve seen it done with the triangles.

Here is the finished work – was so proud of him.

Finished work
Finished work. He was so proud.

These triangles are my first big homemade set that I made and I must admit, am really proud of them.  They turned out awesome.

This is how I did it.

I get free framing board scraps from my wonderful local framer, Eddie!  I visit him, fortnightly and he just packs his scraps over to me.  I have done SO much with this board.  I give him banana bread or other things I’ve baked as thanks!  🙂  So make friends with a nice local framer – you’ll never regret it.  I use this board for pasting work, for hard surface when kids are drawing on the floor, making my calendar, pictures and manipulatives – so much.

I got the idea for working with this board to make manipulatives from the  Montessori by hand website.  So I

  • cut it out on my guillotine, therefore I can only work with straight lines with this board.
  • Then I paste of my paper or picture.  For the triangles, I got my template from MontessoriMaterials.
  • Then I “laminate” with contact paper, as explained in  the above link tutorial

Just a hint on saving ink – if possible, get paper in the colors of the triangles, namely, green, yellow, red, grey.  The above templates you can choose just to print the triangle with the black lines.  Print these onto the respective paper.

Here are some close ups:

Front and back of triangles
Front and back of triangles
Beautiful, neat and doesn't bend. Lovely smooth feel