A visit to a Montessori class

Today I had the priviledge just to sit and watch a 3-6 class at our local Montessori class.  Our local school was so kind to offer an observation and Sarah, the gorgeous directress, let me just sit for about 2 hours.  It was just wonderful.

Here are some of my observations (mainly written so I don’t forget):

1. Display of sandpaper letter – Instead of the sandpaper letters being in a box, they were laid out on a set of shelves.  This meant the whole alphabet was laid out.  I’m starting a writing wall, made from peg board.  So my thoughts are to adapt this shelf idea, was to have a few letter displayed on the wall – as we don’t have the luxury of space.

Sentence analysis board

2. What!  In Cycle 1?  I didn’t know, but the sentence analysis and small & large bead frame are introduced in Cycle 1.

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