My mentoring sites

I write this post almost selfishly – because so often I think … ‘What is that site, again?’

Here is a list of my mentoring sites – those I use time and time again for helping me to navigate our homeschooling journey and why.
Montessori Tidbits – Leann at Montessori Tidbits is not only a mentor, but a good friend too – sharing our love of Montessori teaching.  She is a qualified Math teacher and has the most amazing talent for teaching in a simple way.  Weekly I go to her site to research something that I need to focus on.  Her son, Aikman is a year older than mine – so she is a good guide for me on what is coming up next.  I love her Pinterest board – why bother researching anything when I can just go to her board!  🙂  Also as we enter Elementary next year, Leann’s site would have gone there already!
Moveable alphabet – Susan Dwyer writes this amazing blog about her school journey.  I use this site for looking at her shelves, understanding 3-6 behaviour, and ideas for teaching.  She has the best posts on how to use the botany cabinet.  Often I will just go through page by page and soak up her knowledge.

  What did we do all day? – I’m a firm believer in using the Muriel Dywer method for teaching language.  Well this site has fantastic information on how she implemented this with her two boys.  We’re also starting music and I have used her wonderful information to encourage me to do it and to give me ideas.  I peruse her shelves and organisation ideas.  Weekly I will go along to see what her boys are up to.  This is my ultimate ideas website for things I don’t know if I would have done had it not been for her generosity in sharing.  She has already started Elementery, which is helping me understand this journey.

  Making Montessori Ours – Cherine has a son a year older and a daughter just a bit older than mine.  She has a wonderful organisation skills and such a relaxed homeschool environment.  Her and her hubby makes loads of their Montessori goods, which really helps me for ideas.  But in general, ideas, ideas and more ideas!

Sewliberated –  Meg has to win gold on having 2 items on my list.  Read the next list of her old website.  Meg is becoming a homeschool mum, is a Montessori teacher.  It’s interesting watching this Montessori teacher journey into homeschooling.  She also sells patterns, which I oodle over.  I aspire to have a home like hers, have her organisational skills and a whole range of things.  A truely inspirational site.  Her older son is just older than my daughter, so I get so many ideas from her for mine.

   Montessori by Hand – Meg, please NEVER remove this site!  Meg taught at a small school in Mexico and she journals her journey.  I use this site over and over again on how to make things, how to set up my shelves, implementing music, art, etc.  This site should actually be bumped up my list!  Her post on how to make underlays has been my guide on how I have created SO much of my goods, like the constructive triangles, deconomial square, etc, etc.  I also use her free albums – which has gorgeous pictures.  You can download these off the montessoribyhand yahoo group, or just email me!

  To the lesson – This is a new blog to my list.  Wonderful ideas on Montessori teaching, organisation ideas, like her record keeping ideas.  I’ve already started implementing them.