Story cards

I love the idea of story cards – just pictures to encourage expression.  I got the idea from moveablealphabet – where she uses these for expreImagessive writing.  So for the past while on Pinterest, I’ve been collecting pictures as I see them.  They had to have something funny, or interesting or unusual in them to spark interest in telling a story.

So for us, I think a little while, it will be just looking at a picture and telling a story.  One thing I have learnt with my kids is to tell the story first, to help them understand what a story is and how we just make them up.  So I think I will be doing this first, until the bug bites and they want to be telling stories too.

I’d love this to be for expressive writing.  So I plan to put out paper for them to paste their story and I will narrate it for them, until the writing bug bites.

Have fun.  Please feel free to download my little collection of pictures and save you a bit of time.  I’ve made them photo size, 6×4 so that I could easily pop down to my local photo shop and get them printed.  It cost me just over $3 to print this collection of over 50 pictures.


To make these collages, I used Picasa, the free image library, by Google.  They have a feature called Collages.  So you select multiple pictures, click on Collage, add a few features like adding a border, landscape or portrait, etc and it makes them for you.  This really helps when your images are small in size.  If you printed them on 6×4 the would be blur.  But I avoid this by adding multiple pictures to one collage.

Storycards 1 zip

Storycards 2 zip


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