October pictures

Rod has Mondays off, so we’ve been taking some time out to just spend time together.  It’s been lovely!

For some reason, the kids love posing!!

We needed our car fixed, so we dropped off the car and caught the bus home.  The kids just loved this!

Birthday preparations

So far I think, the best party we have hosted!  But the one part I loved the most about this one, was the preparation.  Lucy slept over and joined in preparing in the morning.  I had baked one cake the day before, but had 2 more for the morning!

Making Jelly Shots – cocktail glasses half filled with one colour jelly.  Letting it set and then adding the next colour.  This was such a hit at the party!

Telling Daddy what cake she wanted.  For months and months, she said she wanted a doll cake.  Then just before her birthday, she changed her mind

Izaac putting milk choclate onto ice-cream cone, as chocklate runs too much.


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