Support for cursive

For many reasons, I’ve decided to use cursive as our first choice for learning.  It really is the hard road, when so much is in print, other kids are taught print.

Izaac has been struggling with handwriting.  From what I have learnt from his reading adventure, is not to stress and not to push!  🙂  I’m so glad to say that our little 5 yo now can reads away.  I’ll talk more about this journey later on.  At 5.5, he reads Roald Dahl!  Not perfectly, but enough that he gets the context of whatever he reads.  It’s incredible.

Back to cursive.   I have found it so hard getting support for cursive handwriting. I don’t like the cursive font used for handwriting without tears. I found the New American cursive really minimal in teaching.

But our chiropractor worked out that Izaac had a left-over-right reflex delay – so struggles to cross over the mid-line.  An easy test to do, to check.  So even if we do intense handwriting, it is only going to be a battle with someone who has this core reflex delayed.  Also, his perception on a page is way out!

Via lovely friend in Gambia, I have found an excellent book for developing motor skills for writing and perception.

Write from the start

Write from the start: Unique Programme to Develop the Fine Motor and Perceptual Skills Necessary for Effective Handwriting (3 volumes)

This book I believe can be used by all fonts, starting from age 3.6 – 11, if you
struggle with untidy handwriting. But it does encourage more in the way of
cursive flow in the later chapters. My 5.5 yo is devouring the book. He loves
it. The graphics are just fantastic and no handwriting in sight! Yet. 🙂
What is interesting is that they go from small exercises (small motor skill) to
large (large motor skills). Developed by a guy in Romania who became a
principal of a boy’s orphanage in Romania and a woman OT.

What i’ve discovered is the best place to look for cursive support is in Europe
– they still use it extensively in lower primary. But then I found this little
tool for doing worksheets! – there is print too.

It’s a macro from MS Word to convert your text. And only costs $10.95 per

And this is an interesting article on teaching the letter ‘e’ in cursive\


2 thoughts on “Support for cursive

  1. Woohoo! Thanks for posting so that I can keep track of this info. Sooo many families want to start with cursive but then have no way to make the materials they want in cursive without handwriting them. Thanks for telling people about the $11 font.

    I had just recently opened up our Handwriting Without Tears first cursive book and was APPALLED at the way their script looks. NO WAY! I think the Write from the Start would be overkill for us (no reflex delays here) but I need something simple with a decent script that would stay out of my way and let me and the other Montessori materials teach. I hadn’t heard of New American until you mentioned it and it looks perfect for us. Thanks 🙂

    I also really like that letter “e” article…very helpful. I’ll be pinning 🙂


  2. MBT, you are welcome – and sorry reply is so late. 🙂 Happy Easter.

    HWT is just an awful script – I was horrified too. I’ve sent you an email regarding what we did as a replacement for HWT, incorporating New American. But the only problem, is that New American is very limited in support. You can’t use the font in MS Word, but only in the program they recommend. It was very frustrating, as I could then only save things I typed as images and then paste into Word.

    I think if one looked hard enough, you’d find better resources for teaching cursive as done in the UK. At the moment I am buying ‘The hand for spelling’ series. An outdated series written late 90’s by Charles Cripps. This series was recommended in the ‘Write from the Start’ book, as the next step after the book. Once I get the series and start using, I’ll post some more info on it.



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