Where have we been?

20132 So sorry for almost disappearing – but I’ve been very busy the last few months growing the sweetest little baby.

I’ve felt it’s been just too hard even homeschooling and in term 1 and 2, we had the slowest homeschooling ever.  I hardly could have a full week.  It was so hard!  Life was so disorganised.

I’m at the ripe young age of 43, having my third.  And my body just really felt it.

20133I tried to, along the way just really enjoy and relax with this pregnancy.  I gave myself permission to just not be perfect and be ok with that.  I was also balancing trying to work out dropping off my little social butterfly at preschool and still homeschooling – well ended up being libraryschooling Izaac.  I let the kids do loads of drawings on my big tum and I loved it.  I loved experiencing pregnancy, the discussions about where the baby came from, feeling the baby together.  I loved it with Sade and Izaac.  Izaac has longed for another sibling for ages.

P1240452 But I had to let go of the guilt of not getting “enough” homeschooling done.  It helps that from 5 and a half Izaac can read, so I feel a huge weight off my shoulders of a BIG TICK!  Sadly, I think I missed a few sensitive periods with Sade.

And then, end July, our litte Josie Faye was born.  The journey to motherhood has just been wonderful, again.  My desire to have our third has been fulfilled and my heart is so full of joy and contentment.  Thanks to my wonderful Father, who made and formed a perfect little girl for us in my precious womb.  She is an absolute joy.  And I really feel that God is giving me the strength and oomph to now continue our journey of homeschooling, however it blossoms.  I hope I can share as much as possible, to share with my family, to journal for myself and to help anyone who would love to combine Montessori, some Waldorf, some Charlotte Mason, some whaterverelselooksgood in our homeschooling journey.


3 thoughts on “Where have we been?

  1. Perfectly GREAT reason to be “missing!” LOL! Congratulations! Glad you let go of the guilt and enjoy the “Moments of Potential Magic” in your life. Blessings and Hugs to you and your family! Karen


    1. Oh,Karen so nice hearing from you. Thank you so much! Oh, I agree biasly that she is gorgeous. Cant believe how blessed I am. It was truely hard just letting go. Thank God for friends who let me do loads of drop offs too. Xxx


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