Maths and Natural Strategies

In a recent post, I mentioned that along with Montessori, we are using Natural Maths Strategies.  What really fascinates me, is that I haven’t really worked on this too hard.  We did “Rainbow facts” (facts to 10) earlier this year.  We’ve been playing double games – randomly asking, ‘what is 6+6 etc’.  But I’ve noticed that Izaac has been working out natural math strategies himself and it’s fascinating.

Tonight Izaac and hubby were working out what 24+12 is.  My mind, I think 2+4, then 20+10.  Izaac did number splitting – something I have not shown him at all.  After he told the answer, I asked him how he worked it out.  He said, ’24+10=34′, then ’34+2′!  Wow!

And I’ve just order Ann Baker’s (author of Natural Strategies) new series, called ‘Back to Basics‘ – aimed for mums and dads at home and at a crazy price of $7.95!



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