Journey of handwriting

A few weeks ago, lying on my bed, putting Josie to sleep.  Izaac comes and snuggles up to Josie and says sadly, “Mummy all my friends can write, but I can’t.”  I asked him “Would you like me to show you how to write?”….

The topic of writing has been a bane for me.  I’ve prepared so much work, which have all been difficult to implement.  Izaac has had a left-over-right reflex delay, that my chiropractor picked up when he was 4.  So crossing over his mid-line has been difficult.  So trying to show how to write is all just too hard.  Even doing exercises to encourage this reflex was hard.  He hated any figure 8 work. I’ll get the kids to demonstrate easy positions you can do to assess if a person has this reflex delay.  Many kids do.  Handwriting is very important to me, because I have made life decisions of subject to choose in school, what to study, based on my slow writing skills.

But me pushing Izaac, him having a delay … I spent a month or so this year really questioning myself, reading about delaying rather than pushing.  I finally made peace that he could have all of Year 1 off from writing.  We would do art, Waldorf form drawing, handwork, drawing, metal insets instead.  I was just going to totally drop it.

Our chiropractor gave us new exercises and Izaac just gravitated to it – I think his body was in the process of fixing this delay.  He had to jump one leg to the front, other leg to back and opposite arms swaying forward/backward, marching style.  He loved this challenge.  A teacher at the school where I pick up my friends kids gave me good fun exercises to do too.

So this month we started.  Fortunately I joined online Montessori elementary programme.  Jessica gave good advice on what to do with an elementary child who do not yet write.  I prepared these green boards, so that Izaac could practiceGreen boards his letters.  Each green board is based on how the letter family are formed.  Like ”c, a, d, g, o” in cursive all start with “magic c”.  He first feels each letter.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Izaac then practices the letters on the megasketcher.  He hates chalk, so I’ve never been able to do chalk work, like from HWT (which I have!).

paper practiceThen he practices each letter combination on lined paper.

It’s been incredible – he has progressed so well in such a short time.  There really is something to say for waiting until a child is ready.

2013-12-16 22.34.01 This picture here shows how we started.  And then just over a week later the above letters was produced.

But one of the advices from keytotheuniverse is to start writing words as soon as possible.  Izaac asked for this within days!  So I recited a few words and he wrote them.

But this has bought a dilemma!  I need to get my work for him ready.  I stopped doing all our work because I had stopped all handwriting prep!

Samsung6A recommendation from the book mentioned in this post, was a series called ‘A hand for spelling’.  Where it is encourages in order to teach spelling to use writing.  But it’s based on a British cursive (I think).  So I’ve been converting the files, using my lovely new Joinit font.  ‘A hand for spelling’ is a out of print series.  So if anyone perhaps has 2A, please let me know!  If anyone is interested in sharing my files, please send me an email.