Elephant and Piggie books

Elephant and PiggieWe’ve gone a bit moggie for the Mo Willems, “Elephant and Piggie” books.  Definitely a set I’d use with a starter reader, because THEY ARE SO FUNNY!  And, lovely big words and just a few which tells such a great story.

These two characters are best friends, Gerald and Piggie.  And they get up to so much mischief, totally misunderstand each other, totally adore each other.  I just had to share this great little find we have from the library.  And, look how many we have booked out at one time!

Here is a snippet to entice you ….  🙂  Gerald goes off to rescue Piggies ball that got stolen.  Gerald is quite big, so of course he can get back Piggies ball.  But he doesn’t expect who he is up against!

A big guy took my ball