Observing and need to work

My first post about Josie. She is now 15 months and oh so cute.  She is up early most mornings.  This morning I have been busily making my kefir water and yogurt, while it is just her and I. Josie busily keeps herself occupied with many things. And I love that sense of me just being around and her finding contentment in just herself.

But a toddler has such a need to work. Josie found the bottle tops and found a tray to transfer into. She sat doing that for ages as I worked besides her.  Then I gave her a plastic wide rimmed container, she transferred into this. Then I have her a bottle and onto her next endeavor. I love how Montessori observed that children loved all type of work. And here Josie is transferring.  I love seeing this happen naturally.  Whenever I find her fussing, I try to find something work-wise for her to engage in.

And now top clean up the mess.

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