When one needs strength

Victory necklaceBecause I come across mainly as extroverted, people might think I’m always strong. But sometimes I know where I can feel totally weak and I have to remind myself that my strength lies in my God and He will give me His victory.

But lately I knew I needed something tangible to remind me of this.  I was about to embark on a journey I knew was going to take a lot of strength, work, decision making, along with my total commitment to homeschooling and hoping to stay focused.  I knew I needed something to help me.  Unknown at that time, but a person very dear to me was about to be arrested.  I needed strength to support, visit and love Billy through his dark journey, too.

My best friend has felt daunted by a new life change. When she was feeling low and afraid I knew I needed to encourage and remind her that her new change would bring her such joy and to just trust her God that this was true, even though she didn’t feel it.

This year I read “Kisses from Katie“- a wonderful story about a 18 year old who goes off to Uganda and adopts 13 girls.  Along with this she sets up a ministry called Amazina Ministries and starts a school, medical help and feeds and falls in love with her new community.  She also helps a small group of desolate women to form their own business in making paper necklaces.

In my facebook feeds I get this offer to buy necklaces.  My best friends birthday is coming up and I see there is a necklace called “joy”.  Oh I have to get that for her.  As I look through the others, I find one called “victory” – in purple – umm not my favourite colour.  If anything it needs to be a more grey tone of purple.  But I know I need “victory” for the next few months.

Oh when it arrived they were perfect.  Mine is just the right colour.  I was pretty envious about the Joy necklace, so bright and joyful!

Sades 5th birthdayWhat a thing to have something tangible to remind oneself of the direction you need to go in.  On days when I need to push through, homeschool, finish projects, help in areas God has called me to at the moment, I put on my necklace and remind and pray that today I have Victory.

I imagine this wonderful lady praying for victory for whoever finds this necklace she is making.  We share a bond.

So if you are struggling to just get through whatever your journey is, to make it through one more day – find something to help you remember who you are in Jesus and to press through.  If you like, and pop over to Amazina Store and buy one of these necklaces – and help someone in their journey too.  I always believe that in giving, we receive more.