Starting a new year

We’re 7 weeks into our new year and it baffles me that one hasn’t got it altogether yet.

My area where we have work is still totally disorganised. I can’t have things open on shelves, or the 1 year old gets totally into them. I still have no rhythm for my little K girl.

Izaac has started his half homeschool journey with our gorgeous Christian school and the most beautiful teacher – and being challenged with where his peers are and how to combine our efforts.

It’s all felt a bit daunting this year – but if I remember, it feels daunting every year.  With the adding of our little Sade being 5 and also needing to join the official schooling day – I can just feel lost.  Even though I’ve studied the Muriel Dwyer – I still feel so lost and how to go forward, when both my kids didn’t have that GREAT interest in letters and numbers and feel compelled to WANT to read.  It’s quite daunting, when you know peers are being pushed if they too are not so interested, when their peers in traditional classrooms are joyfully loving finally learning.

Phew, what a blaaah!  But just so you know and can be however encouraged – sometimes we are just a mess and wading through this journey of teaching our children and trying to balance a joyful, non-pressured home and also where the peers are.

Just on Friday, poor Izaac (grade 2) was challenged in his writing class to write smaller, because this is what is expected for grade 3.  I was so grateful to have witnessed this and have a quiet chat to his teacher about what to do.  He only learnt to write last year, in his gorgeous cursive, which I’m so proud of.  But once again the pressure of peers comes along and trying to find the balance to manage it and how it weighs on ones shoulders.


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