Sleeping queens and beads



We love playing Sleeping Queens. To help Sade with counting in 10s and 5s, I thought why not use our Montessori golden beads.  I taught her how to use the golden beads to keep track of her Queens points. This was perfect timing in firstly finally getting this game for ourselves and then using the beads for something practical in her world.

She is getting better at exchanging the 5s as she needs. I love it.

Sleeping Queens

Sleeping Queens is fantastic from age 5. Today my friends teenager begged her mum for a copy for her next birthday, when we took it over for a visit. Because there are gorgeous Cat or Rose or Pancake, and so on, queens, there are also kings, knights and dragons, jesters, potions and wands. So it’s a game that both boys and girls love equally. The graphics are so beautifully engaging. I love that it was originally designed by a 6 year old.  Aspects of the game are so innocent, that I believe only a young person would have thought of these fun little quirky rules.

Last year this was my number one birthday gift we gave to friends (even though we had not yet bought it for ourselves!)


2 thoughts on “Sleeping queens and beads

  1. This is definitely an incredibly rich resource that you have spent so much valuable time developing, I’ll recommend it to parents at our school as well as link to it in our Montessori Resources section so that our teachers can take a look. Thanks!


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