Drawing with block crayons

I’ve been preparing for ages to start Waldorf drawing with block crayons with Izaac.

I bought this amazing book and dvd by Sieglinde de Francesca called Coloring with Block CrayonsFor Non-USA clients, like myself, please see this link.

And if you are looking for something a bit cheaper, I haven’t seen this, but you can download a video here.

Such a wonderful book and DVD.  And buying from Sieglinde was such joy!

I believe that this form of drawing will open a whole new world for the children.  And also, will develop their hands for writing so beautifully.

Today we attempted again to draw the rainbow.   We did it last week and worked on some techniques. wpid-20141029_120305.jpgI love how you can explain primary and secondary colours so well doing this exercise, because you are only using the 3 primary colours to do all your drawings (for Year 1).

Following the DVD, Sigi has this peaceful, calm voice and gently instructs you how to do these gorgeous Waldorf drawings.  Initially, I did just sit with Izaac and watch the video.  I felt too intimidated to do it on my own.  But in hindsight, now that I’ve done my first drawing with him, I think I can do it on my own.  Owning both the DVD and the book, I’d recommend.  There are many little tips that Sigi gives you along the way, as she is drawing.  But then I find having the book, I can quickly recap some tips and techniques that I need to remember.

I’m hoping to incorporate the drawings into drawing scenes from fairy tales.

I need to blog on doing Waldorf wet-on-wet painting.  We have loved that too (and need to get back into it again)!  Something my 4 year old (and then 3 year old) loves to do too.  She actually does the best paintings!