Oh if only the golden beads could be easier

Playing a place value game.

One of my mentor sites is, What we did all day?.  In a recent article on the golden beads, she explains her struggle with the golden beads and motivating her 4 year old to do them with her.  I have a similar aaaargh about this issues.  They take so long to construct and there isn’t the hubbub of being in a classroom and multiple children engaged in this game.  So, I find one really needs to be hype about the golden beads in a homeschool environment and work along with Izaac, actually doing more work than him, also fetching beads, also fetching the numbers, doing the magic slide together of the cards, etc.  But we had a breakthrough!

I’m so sorry I can’t find it – but I saw a picture of another Montessori homeschool mum, where she had used an idea out of the book, ‘Games for Math, by Peggy Kaye‘.  I have her reading and writing book and have hummed about buying this one – but I am convinced I should now!  Anyway the idea is to draw the circles of units, 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s and then toss objects into it and build the number.  We tossed coins and call the game coin toss.  Oh my gosh, Izaac was in his element, playing the game over and over again.  We’ve had so much practice of place value this week.  I got to sneak in an addition game too.