Montessori in the past – golden beads

When there weren't any Golden Beads ...
When there weren’t any Golden Beads …

I love this picture! Look at the golden beads! Not. They are the wooden blocks one can get from Teaching stores. And the place value cards are hand-written.

I love these reminders that one can provide an excellent Montessori experience for our kids and we don’t need all the glam.  We can just try our best with what we can source around us.  Yes, Montessori did value that things should be beautiful – and so they should!

I’m actually glad I found this image tonight.  Z5 does not yet understand place value.  Up to 100, he has no problems – but thereafter, he stumbles at the moment.  So I’ve been trying to think of an activity in which he can build numbers using the golden beads, by himself.  My albums only really have activities for golden beads decimal work with the directress.  I have been thinking to just do the hundreds, as in this photo.  Maybe command cards with an image of a layout of beads.   He replicates this, then tries to work out the number using the cards.  Control of error on the back with the correct number.  And then visa versa.