New work journal

There is nothing to get you acting quickly, than an inspection.  We have our homeschool inspection next week.  I had to keep a journal for this week to show the Department.  But I had nothing.

Whatdidwedoallday – my all time favourite inspiration Montessori website posted about her journal and I knew this was exactly what I had to do.

imageSo in a quick afternoon, I examined her journal intently and came up with this Word Document – click here to download this template.




wpid-20141016_103315.jpgThis is a view of both pages – so I needed to print the pages on both sides, to make the open book.



Here is a detail of each page – very much like Whatdidwedoallday – because our boys are at similar stages.

Journal Page 1

Journal Page 2

So each week, I plan to write the top headers, as I see fit. What I love about this, from just starting to work out what we did all day – I can see the progress we are making. Sometimes I feel so helpless, like “have we done enough??”.  Now I can see that yes, all is going OK.

I also love how I can see where we need to focus, or are missing out, just by the blank sections.

I also love how I can document natural learning, where Izaac teases me he wants 100 pieces of fruit toast when I ask him how many he wants for breakfast.  So you’ll see under “word problems”, I’ve documented that I asked him to work out how many bags of fruit toast he was wanting to eat.  It made 100 pieces seem a lot more real!  He definitely didn’t want that.

Thank you Andrea once again for helping me along our homeschool journey!

If you are wondering what some of the codes mean, we have

LEM – read this post

B2B – Back to basics series.  Read this post.  We are on the multiplication book.  I so need to give a new update on how well this is going.  I just love the strategies.  Read here for a bit more info.

WFS – Write from the Start – read this post.  We’re back to continuing these books as Izaac’s perception still needs loads of work.

MA – Moveable alphabet.  You can see my handmade on in the LEM post above

CW – Copy work

Once again – please click here to download my Word document copy of this work journal that you can edit and change as you wish.


Individual records

A friend of mine gave me a copy of her daughter’s Montessori Individual records, of all work done in her years of her class.  Her teacher is in her 60’s and has had many years and years of experience.  It is such a privilege to see how she documents her childrens work.

Individ records 0

The records seem to be ordered by plane of development, instead of all sequential.  I really like this, because it gives you a bird-eye view of where your child is at and what should be focused on around this period – for each of the subjects.

Individ records 1

It’s very compact, using just numbers to indicate different phases.  So you will need to flip over to, for instance, the “Metal Inset” section to know the 7 different types of Metal Inset designs.

I found there was loads missing too – but only because I most probably favour other work, or because of interests, or her knowing how much time she has and what to priorotise.  But I’m releasing this original version, so that you can assess this for yourself and work with her original document.

So I will be updating this original – to add things I want.

I do appreciate that there is more than just the standard album work, but also Composers, Music.  This gives me a whole lot of new ideas.

Just to let you know, not each “section” was fully completed before going onto the next section.  I believe she really “followed” the child, instead of strict, “you’ve done this, now do this”.  So there are dates and comments written throughout the document.  The order and categorising I think is more just an indication.  And groups things according to where “round-about” a child is – after many years of just knowing how this all works.

Individ records 2Another great feature, is that it really goes to “just before” elementary age – so you have the more advanced items you find in Grammar and Math.

Here we go download it here – Montessori Individual Record Original