First day of 2013

As many might be aware, here down-south in Australia we start our school year in January – well for us, February – two weeks late.Silver polishing  I was so nervous starting, like I always am – but it went so well, especially for S3.

I finally prepared my silver polishing.  I will write up more details on this activity later.  S3 loved it.  The attention to detail and the steps were just so appealing to her.  It was so lovely to see.


And then S3 and I did some collage work together.  I was inspired by this article, at fairydust teaching, on setting up my craft section.  I have a whole box of stuff that has just been sitting around.  I dug into it and used up stuff from this inspiration and I have still more to do.  S3 spent ages on her work.

There was so much that I still didn’t have organised – like yes we forgot the apron for the polishing, the procedure for using glue.  I had to wing the latter – but it was all OK.  Glue has often been my “what to do” issue.  My last class observation, the glue pot was left with brush in it.  As I leave our art stuff out for access all the time, I can’t do this.  So I whipped up a procedure.  Took S3 over to the water pot, threw a piece of sponge into a glass bowl and showed S3 how to fill it up.  And then dab, dab, dab the brush in the water, take the sponge and wipe down the ferrule and bristles, then dry on hanging towel.  I really like this.

SpreadingZ5 wasn’t interested this morning at all.  Complaining he was feeling sick.  So I left him.  He was then hungry, so I thought, “oh, well, might as well get some practical life in” and asked him to prepare the biscuits and cream cheese.

As usual, little S3, joined in cutting up apples.  She is doing so well at this.  Apple cutting

Z5 spotted the farm grammar activity and wanted to play with the farm.  So I let him and sneaked in doing the article and nouns.  Then I introduced the adjectives!  Boy they are so much fun.  Z5 was finally engaged and having fun trying to work out what was “crazy” or “fat” or “lazy” etc. 

Lastly, we had our session in our lovely new area, where sunlight streams in.  Once I get out most of our stuff, I’ll try be brave enough to post some pictures of our school area.  It was hard work, changing from one location and moving our whole living area around.  But thanks to my lovely husband and a dear friend who did such great work.

Here is a great picture of our lovely sun drench and huge windows to look outdoors.  I pray the rest of this year will go well and that I will have wisdom to observe and direct according to my blossoms!  My constant prayer!